Using Up To Date Software Allowing
Physicians to Dispense Medications Within Their Practice

PAC increases medical practice revenues and profitability while providing improved patient satisfaction.


For your patients, filling a prescription with today’s “Mega” pharmacies can be both inconvenient and impersonal. Drive time, lengthly lines, inconsistent service, and compromised confidentiality are just a few of the hassles associated with getting a prescription filled with modern pharmacies. Now there is a solution PAC utilizes up to date software and operating system, which allows physicians to dispense medications to patients within their practice. With PAC, patients receive the care they deserve and physicians achieve compliance often absent in today’s medical environment. In addition, implementing PAC increases medical practice revenues and profitability while providing improved patient satisfaction.


PAC provides your patients the ease and convenience of obtaining the medications you prescribe while in your office. PAC eliminates the need for your patients to expend additional time and effort traveling and waiting in line to fill prescriptions.


PAC patients fill their prescriptions before leaving your office, ensuring the medication regime you prescribe is available to begin immediately. PAC greatly improves clinical outcomes and reduces “medication mix-ups” that often occur in modern pharmacies.

Increased Revenue

Physician Ancillary Consultants, LLC will substantially increase your profits by adding a new source of revenue to your medical practice.


PAC software was developed and designed to be as simple as possible. This efficient, user friendly system helps fill prescriptions quickly and accurately without additional staffing requirements or extensive training. PAC software also allows your practice to fill prescriptions electronically through Surescripts.

Benefits for the Patient

• Increased Convenience
• One-Stop Health Care
• Increased Customer Service
• Increased Confidentiality and Personalization

Benefits For The Practice

• Improved Compliance
• Provides Total Health Care
• Improved Confidentiality
• Increased Revenues

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a special license needed to dispense medications?
A: The state in which you practice medicine determines if a dispensing license is required. We provide you information specific to your state and handle the initial application practice if a dispensing license is necessary.

Q: Are there any additional liabilities my medical practice assumes if I choose to dispense medications?
A: All prescriptions are in sealed, pre-packaged bottles of your most popular counts with no pill splitting required. Your practice carries the same liability as with dispensing samples and writing prescriptions.

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